Why Should I Host My Website With Marketing Integrity?

We specialize in hosting WordPress websites.  By hosting your site with us, we map your domain name to our server, manage all the uploading of the files, ensure that your site loads fast, and take security very seriously.

We have what is called a Virtual Private Server (VPS) where we host only our clients sites. Many other hosting providers offer what is called “Shared Hosting” where they essentially pile as many websites onto one server as possible. We are different because we manage our hosting server very carefully and we go to extra effort to ensure you have the speed and bandwidth that will make your site respond quickly to all the traffic it attracts. We are able to provide A+ hosting at a reasonable price so that you can be a good steward of your resources.

We have extras added to our your hosting package such as:

  • Firewall: a high-end firewall to keep out hackers
  • LightSpeed: software that speeds up your site load time
  • Guaranteed Uptime: If your website goes off-line t any point in a given month, simply notify us in writing and we will credit your account for that month’s hosting fee. We are that confident that our service is the best…that we guarantee it!

Hosting is very important. It is the engine that runs your website. Don’t settle for mediocre when you can get the highest-quality for the same or better price.

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