Christmas Video

Make Your Christmas Greeting Stand Out This Year!

Why You Should Do This:

Make your Christmas greeting to your customers personalized and unique this year:

  • embed it in your website
  • send it out in an email campaign
  • include a special offer
  • share it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest

How It Works:

Here is what we do for you:

  • provide you with sample scripts to help you craft and you refine your 30-second greeting
  • come to your location and shoot your greeting
  • edit your video with your branding within a Christmas theme
  • publish to your YouTube account
  • create an email campaign in MailChimp
  • distribute your video through your existing social media channels

Save Money!

Why waste time and money on sending a Christmas card to your clients this year. It is costly and your greeting gets lost in a pile of cards from everyone else. With a personalized video greeting, we do most of the work for you and your message will uniquely stand out and be remembered.

50% OFF Special Offer

Available ONLY Until December 6, 2013

  • Unique Personal Christmas Greeting
  • Cost Effective Promotion
  • Embed in Your Website
  • Send by Email
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter
  • Save Money!
$29999 + HST
Book Today!

Send A Christmas Card

Like You Always Do

  • A Hallmark card like everyone else
  •  An expense with little impact
  •  Thrown in the trash
  •  Kill some trees
  •  Only the person that opens it sees it
  •  Cost below assumes 100 cards+stamps
$36300 + HST
Be Unique!


Conditions: Offer available only within the Halifax Regional Municipality. Offer ends December 6th, 2013. Booking slots available until December 18, 2013.