Many web designers and web design firms create beautiful and functional websites.  Hey, we do that too!

What makes Marketing Integrity unique is that we specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the strategic marketing message of your website content.

Simply put, you can have the most beautiful new website, but if you do not appear in the first two pages of a Google search for your products and services…then your company is invisible. People will never see your great website and they will never discover how you are better than your competitors.

We cannot guarantee that we can get your website listed on the first page of any search results…but we have a very good track record of making that happen.  SEO is part science and part experimentation.  After-all, Google keeps changing their algorithms of  how they rank website content.  That said, there are some very specific actions that we take and processes we implement that follow the guidelines Google recommends to optimize your website.  By doing these things we achieve very successful SEO results for our clients.

Please do not ignore how important this is to your business success.  Contact us today to discover how we can help you improve your search results!

Case Study:

Everything Fitness (a halifax-based fitness equipment provider) had their website designed by another web-design company. Their site was online for 6-months and yet in basic searches for “Fitness Equipment in Halifax” (and similar searches) their site was either not listing at all or coming up on page 10 and beyond of organic results.

Everything Fitness contacted Marketing Integrity to improve their SEO and within two weeks most searches were placing them on the first page of results. We tweaked their SEO settings over the next two months and now they are the #1 result (as of September 2013)!