Why Do You Build My Site on a Premium WordPress Template?

Starting with a premium template (paid template) makes the design process more cost effective for you and it speeds up your site development timeline.  If we have to custom code your entire website from scratch it takes longer and costs you more than starting with a template as the foundation.

You may be thinking…why not start with a free WordPress template? There are hundreds of thousands of free WordPress templates available…however…they almost always come with a myriad of problems. You never know how they were coded, how secure they are, or if they will be kept current and updated. We insist on building your site on a premium (paid) WordPress template – one that we will chose on your behalf (the cost is typically $90.  This ensures the template is well coded and continually revised to ensure security and compliance with the latest versions of WordPress software. Our familiarity with the developers ensures we know how they have crafted the code so that we can customize your site to look and function in a unique manner that expresses the culture and functional needs of your organization.


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